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Rainier Software, Inc. provides online sports registration, online event registration, and other online registration and management solutions to organizations around the world.

Rainier provides clients with full-featured, easy to use, and affordable software that we typically host. All that is required to use our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a PC with an internet connection. Unlike most online registration companies, Rainier does not hold onto the money your participants pay you by credit card. Instead we’ll help you set-up your own credit card account so all monies flow directly to you.

Our software allows our clients to create customized, branded websites that handle online and offline registrations and payments, solicit volunteers, fundraise, and sell merchandise. Branded communications such as confirmations are sent automatically and tracked in an integrated CRM. Reporting is robust. And your data is highly secure and accessible in real time.

Our team is there to support you and committed to making sure that your activities are successful. Our software has enabled more than a thousand clients to successfully run tens of thousands of activities and events, register millions of people and collect hundreds of millions in payments. Our systems work magic for our customers and we stand behind them with ongoing software release and support.


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