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Master Account

Rainier is pleased to introduce another industry leading program: the master account. The Master Account is a first, best or only FBO feature provided by Rainier. Through this innovative program organizations can get together to pool or aggregate their purchases and reduce costs for everyone!

The master account is free to add for clients with an existing Annual Service Agreement and is very simple:

  • additional clients pay 50% of the then current fee for the Annual Service Agreement, and 
  • all clients on a master account "share" transactions allowing larger purchases at a lower cost transaction bundles.

The savings are considerable! Based on the current $995 fee for the Annual Service Agreement that's a $497.50 annual savings for each additional client. Aggregating transaction purchases saves even more. For example if the community soccer, baseball, lacrosse, basketball and football organizations got together and pooled their 2500 combined transactions they would save $0.75 per registration or $1875The total savings from the master account for the same example is $3865 annually.

With the master account each client still gets full use of all the Rainier software including their own individual website. Each clients online payments still flow directly to their bank accounts. All transaction purchases are made in the master account and Rainier provides detailed reporting that identifies transaction usage for each of the related organizations. That make internal accounting a breeze. Note: participation in the master account program is only available to clients with Annual Service Agreements.

To sign-up for this innovative program click here.


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