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Community Representatives

Do you have an interest in or background with community organizations, youth or adult sports, classes, training, events or alumni groups? Do you use the Internet, email and software like Microsoft Word or Excel regularly? Are you looking for a new career opportunity or just want to work part time to augment your income? If you answered yes to any of those questions consider becoming a Community Representative! The Community Representative program is a first, best or only FBO feature provided by Rainier. This innovative Rainier program allows you to build upon your experience and contacts in your local community to earn significant and ongoing income by reselling our online registration system. You don't need a technical background to sell our software-as-a-service ("SaaS") or on-demand software. You don't need an office and can work as much or as little as you want.

What you would do – Your role would be to introduce and sell Rainier services to third parties in your community. Once your prospects become clients you become their non-technical "relationship manager" which includes conducting a quarterly "how are we doing" call. You likely already know some of the organizations that would benefit from Rainier's online registration system. We'll give you a good start as Rainier operates a network of 2500 community websites which include more than 100,000 listings of prospective clients including some in your area. Through Internet and phone book searches you'll quickly add the prospects in your community. Rainier provides you with a simple system to quickly turn these local listings into warm leads and then into happy clients. You would set up your own demonstrations (we'll help) and manage your own sales activities. You would sell our services at our published rate card including participation in any special offers. You don't have to handle any money as your clients would just go to this website to sign-up and pay online. And Rainier does that using the same software that you'll be selling. Rainier provides initial training and all technical support required by your clients so once they are signed up your contact will typically be their quarterly call. Obviously if you want to check in with them more often you are free to do that.

What you would earn - You would receive commissions on all purchases by your clients. You have no financial responsibility for client payments and commission payments are made monthly in arrears based on the actual payments made by your clients in the prior month. Your commission is up to 25% of the revenue actually received from each client during their first year and up to 10% each year thereafter. Rainier services are paid for through an annual service agreement that costs $995 and transactions that cost between $2.50 and $4.50 depending on the number purchased.

Here is how commissions work for new Clients each year:

  • for the first $5000 of aggregate Client Fees purchased by the Representative’s new Clients, the commission is 10%;
  • for the next $5000 (ie, $5001 to $10,000) of aggregate Client Fees purchased by the Representative’s new Clients, the commission is 15%;
  • for the next $5000 (ie, $10,001 to $15,000) of aggregate Client Fees purchased by the Representative’s new Clients, the commission is 20%;
  • once aggregate Client Fees purchased by the Representative’s Clients exceed $15,001, the commission is 25%;

Here is how commissions work for existing Clients each year:

  • if the Representative has one existing Client, the commission is 4%.
  • if the Representative has two existing Clients, the commission is 6%.
  • if the Representative has three existing Clients, the commission is 8%.
  • if the Representative has four or more existing Clients, the commission is 10%.

Community Representatives can also earn commissions by selling online advertising on both your clients' websites and on the Rainier Community websites and for assisting our merchandise partner to sell spiritwear, uniforms and other merchandise.

What training and support we provide - Each Community Representative works with a Relationship Manager who will be your main point of contact with Rainier. Rainier provides an intensive week of online training to get you started. A big part of that is learning how to and then building your own sales and demonstration website that you'll use for clients. Sales training on how to use the Rainier Community is also included. Rainier support staff will assist with client demonstrations. Rainier has extensive marketing materials that are available to Community Resellers at no cost. This includes individually branded online videos for your website. Each Community Representative is also provided with email and prominent feature on the appropriate Rainier Community websites making it easy for local organizations to contact you.

How to get started - Being a Community Representative costs $995 annually. Community Representatives are independent contractors, not employees. You'll need a current model PC, broadband Internet connection and telephone with voice mail. Please give us a call at 1-800-576-7966 if you have questions or Click here if you are ready to sign-up.

*Coming this fall* Operate your own activities - As a Community representative you can also operate your own sports leagues, camps, classes, events and other types of activities. Rainier provides several brands that would provide a solid foundation plus our leading software that makes it simple. An example is US Youth Sports which includes a national membership with liability coverage for your participants.


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