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[An referral email sent from a Rainier client] Not that you have asked for my opinion and I have nothing to gain, but I thought I would share with you how we do our registration, we are using a product that has been specifically built for Team registration.  I recommend this because I wanted to share with you our success.  I could not have gotten Plano West going without it.   I see you are growing so fast, the software can help you grow.  The reporting that accompanies the Registration tools is phenomenal.     


We are using a product called CountMeIn by Rainier Software.  This is the best product I have ever used,  when I was with [another organization] I was on a search committee for software and this product blows away what [the other organization] bought.  In addition, I write software for a living and this software is that good that I would recommend it. The product can provide you your customer Facing Website, included in the tools. I will be installing this software for [another organization I am associated with] soon.
~Steven, Lacrosse, Texas

USYVL selected Rainier Software because the fully integrated website and reporting features work very well for our national organization. We tried a large competitor but they didn’t have the functionality needed to support our growing organization.
~Randy, National Youth Volleyball League, CA

Our reasoning was simple: with Rainier we own our data so it doesn't get sold and our members don't get spammed. That wasn't the case with The Active Network who sold our data and repeatedly spammed our members. Interesting that Active never mentioned that when they signed us up while with Rainier they showed us where it was in their contract.
~Christy, Adult Soccer, FL

We had been a client of the old company and left during their "troubles". We tried two supposedly competitive services - Active and Blue Sombrero - and couldn't believe how terrible they were. Plus they cost more than we had paid before mainly in extra fees they didn't tell us about when we signed up. We checked out Rainier and learned that they don't handle the money instead it goes straight into our bank account. That made it a no brainer to move back to them. We learned that they really don't have any competition feature and support wise.
~Tom, Youth Soccer, CT

I chose Rainier because the website editing is flexible and under my control. Customer service has always been excellent and regardless of how great a product is, customer service can make or break your experience.
~Richard, Multi-SportYouth League, CA

Our board reviewed about 15 different online registration providers, including Rainier Software, before choosing another company. We really liked Debbie our "relationship manager" but told her that her pricing was too high. She was surprised and asked us if we were comparing apples to apples. We told her we were. She wished us good luck and said she'd be happy to work with us if things didn't work out as expected. The company we chose kept hitting us with extra fees. Only one person could call for support and extra people were $345 extra per person per year. We'd exceeded our allowance for emails and it would cost another $100 per month to send out our volume. The survey software was not included and would be another $50 per month. When we added in all the extra charges they were WAY more expensive than Rainier. When our contract was up we called Debbie and she was really nice. She didn't even say "I told you so". With Rainier there have been NO surprises and our costs are exactly what we expected. 
~Don, Training Classes, GA 

It's the Team Builder and the Team Pages that made us choose Rainier. The Team Builder is simply amazing and allows us to build hundreds of teams for over 2500 kids who participate in our sports. It allows us to match kids with their friends and volunteer parents which would be impossible to do manually. We also use the registration import to support the draft for out 10-12 year old program. Team Pages save time for everyone, especially our volunteer coaches.
~Debbie, Multi-Sport League, FL 

Rainier Software has great reporting. We can view or export many different useful reports. We also know, trust and love Terry Drayton.
~Mark, Youth Lacrosse League, WA

1. Familiarity with the system as we have used it for two years now and are going into our third year.
2. All of our baseball families are already in the system and we do not have to re-enter them.
3. Ease of use.
~Leonard, Baseball League, CO

The reason we choose Rainier Software was because it allowed us to create a unique branded look to our site. With that said, the control over the look and feel of the site became only the tip of the ice berg in terms of the backend functionality we get. Managing our database, running reports and email communications are managed down to a granular level. In our second year we added in even more functionality that helps us manage all our donations, volunteers and sponsors. The team building component is also, extremely intuitive and easy to use, helping us track all drafted and non drafted players while automatically publishing our team rosters up to our website. Technical support has been superb, from day 1, something we could not say for the eteamz program we had tested out before deciding on the Rainier Program.
~Steve, Little League, AZ

We chose Rainier as they had all the features we needed included in one application so we didn't need to re-enter any data or purchase several different packages. Instead of having a website that was seperate from the teampages we get both and the teampages are automatically created with rosters and schedules instead of having to manually create each teampage. Same for scheduling as their scheduler works great and you can import from excel too.
~Bart, Lacrosse, TX

It was the fact that only people we put on the teams can see the roster and the schedule on the team pages. We'd had some ugly situations with another provider whose pages were open to the public when estranged parents showed up at games.
~Joy, Sports, NY


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