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CafePress Merchandise

Most of our clients sell merchandise as a fundraiser. Rainier already supports that both during your registration process and through your webstore. Clients say it's a lot easier with Rainier but often complain that it's a lot of work and the hoped for profits are often disappointing. We pleased to introduce a new option for Annual Service Agreement clients in conjunction with CafePress, the leading supplier of custom merchandise, to address that!

With this innovative program, you make a guaranteed 25% profit on each item sold and don't need to do anything other than send in your logo. We'll set-up a CafePress store for you on your Rainier website where your community can purchase items all year. CafePress fulfills the orders including shipping directly to the purchaser. Then once a month Rainier will tally up your sales and send you a check for your profit sharing.

Contact us today to get your store set-up!


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