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Annual Service Agreement: Here's how you sign-up!

Step 1: CLICK HERE to Start FBO

The annual service agreement costs just $995 and is a tremendous value as it includes your first 100 transactions (worth $450), four free hours of additional support (worth $400) and your upfront payment for credit card processing with Beanstream (worth $100). Most importantly, your annual service agreement gives you a volume discount off all transaction bundle purchases. Plus your transactions never expire as long as you maintain a current annual service agreement. This includes full access to ALL Rainier features - including Website hosting, online CRM, email communications, online surveys and online data storage that would each cost that much if purchased separately. Plus all Rainier features are fully integrated with each other so there is no rekeying or other work as it's all done automatically by our software saving you huge amounts of time and money. Most of the features Rainier includes are not even available from other providers! Some of the key features and services included are:

  • Your first 100 transactions
  • Four hours of additional support
  • Your upfront set-up fee for online payment processing with Beanstream
  • OWNERSHIP of all your data (unlike others Rainier won't SPAM, sell or share any of YOUR information)
  • Hosted, full featured, branded Website with unlimited pages (instead of canned pages on someone elses portal)
  • SEO optimization (Google webmaster authentication, Google analytics reporting)
  • Secure Desktop Application (no cost for unlimited number of users, or installation on an unlimited number of PC's)
  • Integrated CRM (includes automated tracking of all activity such as registrations, payments and emails)
  • PCIDSS secure system for online transactions and payments
  • Reliable, white-list, email capability including newsletter (no practical limit: send up to 100 times the number of transactions used or purchased each year)
  • Robust reporting (three levels including pervasive one click export to Excel)
  • Secure image and document repository (up to 10 GB)
  • Online surveys
  • 24 hour access to Online Help, Online Training Tutorials 
  • Unlimited technical support for your staff and volunteers
  • Regular software updates based primarily on client requests 
  • Featured listing and registration activities automatically published in the Rainier Community of 2500 websites

    Step 2: CLICK HERE to Purchase a Transaction Bundle FBO

    After you use up your first 100 transactions included with your Annual Service Agreement, it will be time to purchase a "Transaction Bundle". Each registration and membership counts as one transaction. Each merchandise sale or donation counts as half of a transaction. Volunteering and officials are free transactions. Transactions cost between $4.75 and $1.25 and are available in bundles from 50 to 10,000 (contact us if your needs are greater). Our pricing is simple and fair: the more transactions you purchase at a time, the lower the 'per transaction' cost. Transactions do not ever expire provided the client maintains a current Annual Service Agreement. Most clients purchase the transaction bundle equivalent to their estimated annual needs to get the lowest price. Transactions are automatically used up through your activities. Online balances and reports let you know your usage and remaining balance at any time. Automatic email notifications are sent out when your remaining transaction balance gets low. If all transactions are used up, your website will continue to function but registrants and purchasers will be unable to complete their registration, membership purchase or renewal, donation, or merchandise sale. Pre-payment is required for all transaction bundle purchases. Purchases are non-transferable.

    If you have run out of transactions and want to immediately reactivate registration simply make an online Transaction Bundle purchase by clicking here.

    Step 3: CLICK HERE to Set-up your Online Payment Processing FBO

    Unlike most online registration companies, Rainier does not hold onto the money your participants pay you online by credit/debit cards and eChecks. That speeds up your cash flow by weeks or months and is very important to safeguard your finances. Instead we’ll help you set-up your own online payment processing account so all monies flow directly to you. It’s easy to do! If you already have a payment processor, let us know and there is a good chance we can work with them. Rainier also has a special agreement with a leading provider that is very competitive so let's compare that to your current provider and see if we can save you some money.

    What's Next?

    Rainier client services staff will email you a "Welcome Package." Based on the information you provide in the Welcome Package, the Rainier client service representatives will build your website, including online registration, programs, and if you choose, a webstore. Once your website is complete, you will have the opportunity to go through the site in a test mode and let us know of any edits that are necessary. We will make the corrections and then take your website "live." Your new website is usually up and running in less than two weeks! Once you have purchased a Transaction Bundle, registrations, donations, memberships, and merchandise sales will begin. It's that easy!

    Referral Program: CLICK HERE to Send us a Referral FBO

    For each successful client referral we'll give you your choice of 100 free transactions or 50% off the Annual Service Agreement! It's true! Simply refer a new organization to Rainier and when they sign up and pay for their Annual Service Agreement, your organization will be credited with whichever one you choose. That's worth up to $497.50! And the great news is that there is no limit on how many referrals your organization may benefit from! Refer just two organizations a year and get your Annual Service Agreement for free! Refer more and you can get your transactions free too! We appreciate your business and we thank you for referring us. You have our promise that your referral will receive the same great service and support that you have experienced with Rainier.

    Get Together and Save: CLICK HERE to set-up a Master Account FBO

    Combine your purchasing power with other organizations and take advantage of big savings starting with 50% off the cost of the Annual Service Agreement plus volume discounts for larger purchases. This innovative Rainier program is free and yet another industry first and industry only offering.

    We'll Do It For You: CLICK HERE to Purchase Additional Support Hours FBO

    Standard support is included with transaction bundles so most clients will not need to purchase any additional support hours. The Annual Service Agreement includes four hours of additional support to be used any way you like! Clients wanting additional support, such as having Rainier staff do some or all of the work typically done by clients or custom website designs, can purchase additional support hours as needed. If you have questions about the full range of services we can provide please give us a call.

    Need a Domain Name or Email? CLICK HERE to Buy a Domain Name FBO

    We recommend that you purchase a domain name for as little as $9.95/year that your organization will always own. We’ll redirect your domain name to your Rainier provided Website. Included with the domain name is up to 100 webmail addresses and POP email is available for an extra fee.


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